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Missionary Chocolates Holiday Cocktail Box
Missionary Chocolates Holiday Cocktail Box

Holiday Cocktail Box


Our new Holiday Cocktail Box is a mouthwatering assortment of five mouthwatering truffles featuring the flavors of our favorite local distilleries and brewers. These truffles are all coconut milk free.

James Oliver American Whiskey – Our first collaboration with Indio Spirits Distillery, this coconut-milk free truffle will make your tastebuds sing with it’s intense whiskey flavor. An immediate favorite here at our shop – any whiskey lover in your life will adore this new truffle! Topped with a bit of the Smoked Cherrywood Salt from the Jacobsen Salt Co. The first in our “local cocktail box” series, Indio Spirits is in SW Portland.

Stone Barn Brandy Works Haskap Liqueur – A delicious infusion made from Indigo berries, which are from the Blue Honeysuckle plant. This truffle has an almost Pinot Noir-like quality, but even richer. The second in our “local cocktail box” inspired holiday series, Stone Barn is located in SE Portland.

Eastside Distilling Below Deck Spiced Rum – This truffle takes you straight to a tropical island with just one bite! With multiple locations around the Portland area, this is the third in our “local cocktail box”. We cannot describe this rum any better than the master distiller does, so here is what he has to say: “This rum is the reward of one full year of research and development. It’s a trip around the world in one sip: Moroccan peppercorns, Sri-Lankan cinnamon, Mexican vanilla, Indian mace and California orange peel are a few of the hand-selected spices that make up this premium spirit. Aromatic notes of burnt sugar, allspice, toffee, cinnamon, candied ginger, and molasses rush your olfactory senses from within the bottle and morph into a pleasant fizzy cola after taste making you wonder how you ever drank anything else.” – Mel Heim, Master Distiller.

Wild Roots Pear Vodka – While everything that this Portland-based distillery makes is simply amazing, their seasonal Oregon Pear flavor just made our hearts sing with rejoicing for Fall! The fourth in our “local cocktail box” – Infused with Northwest pears, known for their bright fresh sweetness & delicate floral hints. Made with only real pears from local Northwest farms.

Ghostfish Brewing Company GF Stout – While perhaps technically not a “cocktail” and also based in Seattle – we love this Stout so much that we had to include it! Given that we are such a beer-loving place here in the NW, we figured any respectable “boozy box” had to have a great beer in it! Dark and rich, this completely GF brew makes our chocolate taste even better!


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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 3 x 8.5 x 1.75 in